~Open Window~

On a night like this, I could hear the rain through my open window. I laid on my bed in a see-through, all white nightie. The light from the streetlight showed how hard my nipples were. I was wanting him to come into my room all wet from the rain; his hard cock ready and wanting me. I slowly ran my hand down my inner thigh. I could feel the heat between my legs. I needed him to pound me. To cum deeply inside of me. I would lose myself in our ecstasy. I took a deep breath and opened my eyes to the realization that it was just the seduction of the rain.


  1. This has always been my fantasy seeing that I am a twin. This was an amazingly sexy read for both me and my wife. Thanks for the spice.

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  2. Last night was a summer thunderstorm pounding driving rain. Rain is seductive.
    Nice vignette and a lovely picture. The picture feels like dream and longing. Thanks for posting. Be well.

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